About us

About us

Gandhi India’s Cuisine:

Serving Delightful and Mainstream Indian Cuisine in Las Vegas since 1993

You do not know all the secrets of the universe but have an idea about the things that are of your choice. The same case applies to all fields of life such as traveling, technology, dressing, and food as well. Just because you love to eat then it is not necessary that you should know everything about all kinds of cuisines. When it is about Indian food then it is hard for you to understand the diversification of Indian cuisine due to taste enrichment. India is famous for cookery and food due to the perfect blend of spices and multiple methods of cooking the same kind of dishes.

India’s Rich Culinary Heritage

Along with geographic boundaries and culture of India, the 5000-year-old customs of Indian culinary have changed. Due to the incorporation of many cultures and civilizations, the cooking does have many changes in it. However, instead of that the regional cuisines with rich flavors and specified attractions as same and even better. For all the tourists to India, food is the major attraction to them, and when Indians are abroad, they make people crazy for food.

India has contained vegetarianism from the Vedic eras when India was mainly a farming society. In the earlier six hundred years (600), Mughal (Muslim) carried a new elegance of cooking to Central Asia from the Middle East. India’s large seaside regions have a mixed flavor in their seafood from not only native inspirations but also from the French and Portuguese colonies. Ultimately, industrialization put a great effect on Indian cuisine in the age of British colonization and followed by the 21st century. In that, age the Indian cookery started to journey the world.

What We Are Offering in Gandhi Indian restaurant

Gandhi India’s Cuisine is the US-based Indian cuisine restaurant that brings you the perfect blend and mix of all famous Indian cuisines from different states. Situated in the heart of Las Vegas, it is serving its wide series of food variations – from slightly spicy to sizzling hot, non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and buffet for breakfast. The Indian Restaurant main menu contains naan, soups, paneer, biryani, spinach, chicken – fish – shrimp- lamb, thali, and homemade – variety of sweets. To hit more mouth watering deals and dishes choice out the detailed menu online. We also deliver food within 5 miles of the radius.


Good food can be enjoyed when you have a calm and appealing environment, at Gandhi Cuisine we offer you the amazingly comfortable environment to enjoy your dining. We offer you the specialized dining services in the lavish dining area and support the gathering events up to 60 people. Our customers are our guest and we make sure their comfort level along with quality food. You can make your advance reservations and bookings easily on phone. We are excitedly waiting to welcome you in Gandhi Cuisine! See you soon!

Our Mission

Gandhi Cuisine brings you a diversity of dishes from diverse regions of India. It is not just a dine-in restaurant but also the representation of Indian culture in Las Vegas.

Our Vision

Gandhi Cuisine is dedicated to providing you with an excellent dining experience every time you walk in to dine in.

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